A Thin Line Separates Laughter and Pain

Curated by Allison Peller and Ana Sophie Salazar


September 17 - October 1, 2015
CP Projects Space, 132 W 21st St, 10th Fl, New York, NY 10011

Opening Reception: Thursday, September 17, 7:30 - 9:30pm 

The School of Visual Arts presents A Thin Line Separates Laughter and Pain, the opening exhibition for Fall 2015 in the CP Project Space. Curated by MA Curatorial Practice Students, Allison Peller and Ana Sophie Salazar, the exhibition explores the permeable nature of categorization.

Boundaries are regularly utilized both in private and social spheres in order to delineate ideas and expectations. They create order, provide clarity, and develop a sense of security, allowing individuals or groups to process the surrounding world of information. By separating different ideas or objects from each other, meaning is more easily distinguished and absorbed. It could even be said that comprehension of the world is gained through comparing and contrasting opposing concepts such as private and public; here and there; self and others. Although on paper such divisions may appear clear, these dissimilar ideas frequently meld together in complicated and contradictory ways, making boundaries not only porous but almost impalpable. In this way, new forms of communication, exchange and communal living are formed, creating space to interpret ideas and concepts in different manners.

The six featured artists, Sofia Abraham, Stephanie Imbeau, Robin Kang, Steven and William Ladd, and Beatriz Meseguer, work in various media, including video, installation, sculpture, and textile. They are brought together through their interest in the conscious exploration of the limbo between established boundaries such as labels and signifiers, in addition to playing with the concepts of propriety, comfort zones and accepted norms. As these artists prove, the line of differentiation is frequently thin, or almost invisible. Though its presence defines and shapes the way we inhabit the world and interact with each other, it also allows the opportunity to challenge accepted ideas and systems and explore new ways of thinking.

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