Ana Paula Cohen, Faculty at Large, was the general adviser and curator of Museu da Pampulha’s Independent Program for artists, Bolsa Pampulha, 2010-2011, in Belo Horizonte, Brazil. In 2009-10, she was the curator-in-residence at the Center for Curatorial Studies, Bard College, where she organized the exhibition, Living Under the Same Roof: The Marieluise Hessel Collection at the Center for Curatorial Studies, Bard College. Cohen was the co-curator with Ivo Mesquita of the 28th Bienal de São Paulo, and co-editor of all related publications. She was the co-founder and director of the project Istmo–Flexible Archive (2004-2007) in São Paulo. She has been a contributor to numerous art publications, including FriezeArt NexusExit Express, and Mousse. Cohen was a participating curator in the project Host & Guest (2013) at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art, organized by Steven Henry Madoff, and is a regular adviser to the Independent Program for Artists PIESP, in São Paulo, since its founding in 2010.