Curated by John Elammar, María Sáenz, Andrea Valencia


Artists: Camilo Godoy, Anna Nykyri, Phoebe Osborne, and Shannon Stovall


Saturday, December 16, 7:00 - 9:30 pm

CP Projects Space, 132 West 21st Street, 10th floor, New York, NY


CP Projects Space at the School of Visual Arts is pleased to present Bodily, organized by MA Curatorial Practice fellows.


Hosted by the MA Curatorial Practice Fellows at SVA, Bodily is a performance night event with New York-based artists. In the context of a city where personal space is being constantly transgressed and defied, Bodily will activate a platform to make us self-conscious and rethink the social and political dynamics of our body. This evening will confront and challenge your senses, daring you to experience discomfort, persuasion, and ambiguity. In collaboration with Ivana Dizdar Projects, this project questions concepts such as memory, eroticism, productivity, and irony in relation to corporeal language. Only by facing and taking part in these actions, performers and spectators will articulate and reconfigure these notions.


Anna Nykyri (Finland) engages memory and storytelling in a choreographic performance that uses moving images to immerse the spectator in a timeless environment. Camilo Godoy (Colombia) explores eroticism in the male body through confronting the history and politics in the imagery of sexual ritual dances. Phoebe Osborne (USA) opens the discussion about the concept of intentional flaking—opposing the idea of social commitment to productivity as a way to resist capitalist oppression. Flaking, becomes a series of collective actions that entangles scores of movement and hanging out to propitiate kinship and connections to others as a fundamental part of survival. Shannon Stovall (USA) resists the imposition of the social construct of gender and sexuality as cultural oppression. Stovall defies the voyeuristic gaze with anonymity, irony and self-destruction through repetitive action and whirling movements.


Image: Shannon Stovall, Untitled, 2017, courtesy of the artist.