Ditto Magazine
Curated by Marie Vigneau


Reception: Wednesday, April 27, 6 - 8 pm

Glasshouse, 246 Union Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11211


Featuring artists:
Calori & Maillard,
Mary Huang,
Susan Cianciolo,
Cristian & Cindy Candamill,
Lital Dotan - Que Sal Mah


Ditto Magazine is a study in new ways of curating the distinctions and interconnections between art and fashion, and between artists and the fashion industry. This special issue will focus on vulnerability and its relation to fashion design, industry, personal style and art. What we choose to adorn ourselves with can allow us to conceal or reveal our vulnerabilities. Ditto celebrates that vulnerability and its capacity to bring about productive artistic and design expressivity. Please join us for a product launch of the magazine at Glasshouse Project on April 27th.


Ditto Magazine is presented as part of a festival of final projects curated by the inaugural class of SVA MA Curatorial Practice.



Image Credit: Tazaca Simpson, 2016