Curated by Maya Castro Gutiérrez


April 16 - May 1, 2015

CP Projects Space, 132 W 21st St, 10th Fl, New York, NY 10011

Opening Reception: April 16, 2015 6:00PM – 9:00PM


Featuring: Daniel Lopera, Thomas Murphy, Marvin Touré


The School of Visual Art’s CP Projects Space presents DO YOU FEEL?, an examination of the interdependence between physical presence and the experience of color by emerging artists Daniel Lopera, Thomas Murphy, and Marvin Touré. This exhibition seeks the viewer’s answer to a question that calls attention to their presence.


Lopera creates a dark environment with multiple transparent photographs. Murphy’s large scale canvases and pastel colors are reminiscent of the Teenage Dream that has now replaced the American Dream. Touré’s use of white on white transmits his understanding of an aspect of Black culture. Each piece captivates its space by creating a narrative through color and interacts in specific ways with other works. In unison, these artworks create an experience that can only be felt physically.


Within the last three decades, the emergence and influence of the Internet and popular technology have given us the option to converse with each other through smart phones and other user-friendly devices. This use of popular technology as a bridge between two distant individuals, now the dominant form of communication, has caused our physical presence to predominantly be absent by eliminating the need for it. Constantly relying on technology for communication, we often forget the feel of human proximity; it interrupts presence: you can be anywhere in the world, and your body does not have to follow you. Even though this progressive and continuously developing world of technology has facilitated everyday tasks, it has allowed for screens to replace our physical presence and the need for it. The lack of physical presence daily has become more commonplace and this disruption of physical interaction adds a new element not previously experienced in art: the lack of the need to be present in viewing art. The artworks in the show makes us, the viewers, become aware of our presence in viewing art in the public setting.


This added emphasis on the viewer within the space creates a return to physical presence in relation to the artist, the artworks, and the viewer.  How do we, as viewers, feel when we are surrounded by art of different colors, scales, and meanings? How does this affect the way we respond to these artworks in different contexts? The viewer’s presence becomes a subconsciously acquired element of the exhibition and is now considered an integral factor in its viewing. Lopera, Murphy, and Touré speak to the notion of feeling through color. Together, each artist’s work conveys an intensity and meaning that strongly resonate with each other and the viewer.

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