Curated by Anqi (Angie) Nee


Artists and Artist Group: Chongqing Work Institution (Including artists Bao Dachen, Li Linyu, Liu Haonan, Shan Zixi, Wu Jianping, Yan Ran, Yu Guo, Yang Guangying), Furen Dai, Zening Fan, Simi Gu, Ji Min Hwang, Shuting Jiang, May Meng, Yam Chew Oh, Gyu Ho Park, Yingwei Pu, Lane Shi Otayonii, Wei Tao, Sicheng Wang, Hanwen Zhang, and Andong Zheng


Numerous global mass-migrations have caused people to experience various disordered self-perceptions: the ego and the id, hometown and elsewhere, rebellion and reconciliation, space and body, nostalgia and futurity. Human diasporas help us to understand cultural identity in terms of movement rather than of absolutes. Unstable and changing environments are often stimulating and inspiring for artists, and Floating presents paintings, installations, and video works that externalize the complex conditions of abstract psychological states and geographical migration. Like other keywords of our time—transparency, migration, instability, rootlessness—Floating points to a lack of psychological belonging and the physical and mental states of being that result from that lack.


Image: Tao Wei, Balloon in the City, 2019, Image Courtesy of the Artist


Anqi (Angie) Nee

Nee (Tongling, China) is a graphic designer and curator. She received her B.F.A. in Visual Communication from the Central Academy of Fine Arts (Beijing) in 2016. Since 2014, she has participated in Beijing International Design Week as a designer and curator, where her works have received various prizes.

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