Future Memories

Curated by Mohammad Golabi


April 30 - May 21, 2016

Pfizer Building Pfizer Building 630 Flushing, Third floor Brooklyn, NY 11206


Artists: Lebbeus Woods, Khaled Jarrar, Sophia Al Maria, Farideh Sakhaeifar, DAAR (Decolonizing Architecture Art Residency)


April, 2016 - Visionary plans and utopian concepts tell us more about our current state than about the future, which makes creating a present attitude towards the future a tricky endeavor. It requires clear vision to defeat the ambiguity of current strategies and goals and demands a strong will power, backed by knowledge, to create a new vision for a future that is not merely affected by our desires and hopes.

Radical architecture has always needed a place that is wholly free of self-censorship, and this place does not exist in the often-contentious exchange between architect and client. Today, high-end architecture is suddenly a valuable commodity and it has begun to look like a sophisticated form of marketing. In the last few years, architecture started raising up from the ground; non-architects began building community centers in Haiti and apart-
ments made of garbage Dumpsters in New York. These projects are not blessed by the powers that be in the architectural world, but they’re already happening.

Future Memories is an exhibition of works by the various artist that focuses on the aftermaths of war, insubordination, censorship, and socio-political injustice. It manifests the affects of engineered segregation and the notion of “non-place” as opposed to familiar concept of “habitat”; A place which could be everywhere and which is nowhere.

The exhibition addresses the possibilities and limitations of these contemporary phenomena and the ways in which it has been put to use in various disciplines. Some of the works have been commissioned especially for this exhibition, while others are brought together for the first time.