Irreality: An Exhibition Featuring Mark Dorf + Sara Ludy​

Curated by Valerie Amend

March 8–March 21, 2016

CP Projects Space
132 W 21st St, Fl 10th, New York, NY 10011


Artists Mark Dorf and Sara Ludy create digital representations—photographs, GIFs, projections, and videos—of reality. These digital means inspire illusionistic layers that shift our notion of reality to irrealty—a mediated state between the real and the imagined. 

Art produces an infinite number of simulacra that communicate through signs and symbols. These representations take many forms: shadows reflect the silhouettes of objects, photographs capture the impression of images, screen-based platforms present virtual realities. Plato theorized a fabricated notion of reality in his allegory of the cave, leading to the explanation that truth is the realization of objects revealed.

Reproduction and interpretation of imagery is an omnipresent pattern of science and technology. Dorf creates digital compositions of landscapes that are inspired by scientific research. While working as an artist-in-residence at the Rocky Mountain Biological Research Laboratory, he used photography and algorithms to create visual representations of his surroundings. The result showcases stunning hybrid landscapes of image and data. These multilayered images highlight scientific processes and new ways of visualizing the natural world. 

The proliferation of digital technology into everyday life often creates disparities between the real and the hyperreal. Ludy’s work draws upon the surreal qualities produced by these disparities. The artist explores the online virtual world Second Life, and shares her experiences with the viewer through abstracted video landscapes that inform new contexts of reality. A gentle breeze through leaves of a palm tree is now an animated GIF—a cloudscape is transformed into glistening layers of saturation and hue.

Image Credit: Sara Ludy, Cloud Pond 2, Digital Projection, 2015

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