Sara Reisman, MACP faculty member, appointed as Executive and Artistic Director of the Shelley and D

The Shelley and Donald Rubin Foundation announced today that Sara Reisman will be the foundation’s new executive and artistic director. Alex Gardner has been appointed the executive director of the foundation’s Treasury of Lives, one of the largest biographical encyclopedias of Tibet, Inner Asia, and the Himalayan region. In her new role, Reisman will be an administrator for many of the foundation’s interests, such as its art and social justice program, which seeks to broaden access to art and culture throughout New York City via funding and new initiatives. Reisman will also oversee the foundation's yearly grants program, which supports artistic activism, arts education, art in community an

David A. Ross, MACP faculty member, to organize one-day provocation entitled "PLEASE DISTURB: R

Resistance is not futile—nor, according to MFA Art Practice, is the use of provocation and disruption to question and counter the realities of life under Trump. For one day only, Friday, February 17, MFA Art Practice will sponsor the multi-disciplinary, multi-faceted exhibition-event PLEASE DISTURB, organized by department chair David A. Ross. Taking over a suite at the Midtown Hilton, the intervention is part-art show, part-performance and broadcast event, all aimed at asserting the role artists must play in denying the new political situation as the new normal. The bulk of the afternoon will be devoted to a series of conversations between Ross and an impressive lineup of art world denizens

David Frankel, MACP faculty member, writes on William Christenberry in the February issue of Artforu

William Christenberry by David Frankel Years ago I was talking to a woman from Virginia about Ireland, where I grew up, and she said, “I love Ireland. It reminds me of home.” Ireland not being known for its tobacco nor Virginia for its stout, that surprised me, until she said, “They’re both tragic.” Indeed, both Ireland and the South have deeply embedded histories of defeat, of eclipse by a nearby elsewhere, … Read the full article on Artforum.

Maria Lind, MACP faculty-at-large, to give lecture entitled "Situating the Curatorial" at

Saturday, March 18, 6pm e-flux 311 E Broadway New York, NY 10002 Drawing from the experience of working at Stockholm's Tensta konsthall, and being the artistic director of the 11th Gwangju Biennale, Lind will explore notions such as "weak resistance," "contact and conflict zones," and "redistributive politics" while keeping art center stage in the lecture. For more information, visit the e-flux website.

Art in General appoints MACP faculty member Laurel Ptak as Executive Director

Art in General announced today that it has named Laurel Ptak, currently the director and curator of the artist-founded space Triangle, in New York City, as the nonprofit’s new executive director. She will take up the post on February 13. “Art in General offers an essential platform for highlighting the perspectives, ideas, and practices of artists of diverse background and vision, and I have long been a follower and admirer,” Ptak said. “Artists, now more than ever, have an important role to play in our ongoing public discourse, helping to pave the way for common ground and mutual understanding.” Ptak will oversee artist engagement and curatorial direction for Art in General’s new commission

MACP faculty member Brian Kuan Wood's article entitled "The Story of Peter Green Peter Chan

The Story of Peter Green Peter Chang Brian Kuan Wood I want to tell you a story I recently heard about a friend in New York—actually a friend of a friend, a young architect and entrepreneur named Peter Green Peter Chang. I have never met Peter Green Peter Chang myself, nor has anyone ever explained to me why his full name contains two Peters. But his story is somehow familiar, even if nothing like it has ever happened to me. Perhaps because it could happen to me or to anyone else in the near future. In New York Peter Green Peter Chang had become moderately well-known in the architecture community for his work with a number of property developers. These were property developers who acquired r

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