MACP faculty member, Laurel Ptak interviewed on TV about Art in General's Newly Commission Work,

The staff at a Brooklyn art space never worries about what to wear. They zip on the same blue jumpsuits every day. Laurel Ptak says the dress code has transformed the workplace. "Everyone from interns to the most senior staff members all wearing the same outfit every day, and it just changes how you relate to each other in a very inexplicable and fundamental way," she says. The jumpsuit project is the brainchild of two artists. Abigail Glaum-Lathbury and Maura Brewer have been wearing theirs every day for four years. Lear more and see the full clip here.

MACP alumnus, Ikechukwu Casmir Onyewuenyi reviews BLESS, NEUTRA VDL STUDIO AND RESIDENCES for Art Fo

"If the parlor invokes bodily instability, the other nooks find a paradoxical balance between the calm and the constriction of domestic life. Take the two classic fur hammocks, BLESS N°28 Furhammocks, 2018, hung between trees in the garden. Or the duvets in the bijou bedrooms that function as simulacra of the outdoors, with their photographic prints of the view from nearby windows. Yes, some of these trappings may put off architecture aficionados. Yet it’s worth mulling over how each accoutrement furthers Neutra’s vision of how space, even if limited, can foster wellness, potentially curing neuroses." Read the full review here.

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