Normal Bob: Pray For Satan

Curated by Becka Jean Marsh


Artist: Normal Bob


Pray for Satan is the first online exhibition to map thirty years of artwork by Normal Bob Smith (Robert Hain), whose works in a variety of media provoke uncomfortable questions regarding religion, freedom of speech, sexual predators, exploitation, and offbeat kinks. Pray for Satan asks how Normal Bob’s skill for stimulating debate reflects the messiness of contemporary discourse more generally: What is too risqué to say? Is anything too sacred for satire? Why are we, as a society, afraid to discuss certain issues? Channeling the power of punk, Normal Bob’s controversial artworks challenge normativity and together form an important case study in radical individualism, religious criticism, and contemporary art thriving outside the mainstream.

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Image: Broken Image Photography


Becka Jean Marsh

Marsh (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania) received her B.F.A. in 3D Media, with a minor in Art History, from Seton Hill University in Greensburg, Pennsylvania. There she served as the president of the Jodee Harris Gallery committee for two years, curating several exhibitions. She worked as a gallery assistant in the VACI Galleries of the Chautauqua Institution, New York. She spent her undergraduate years focusing primarily on her own artmaking, cultivating her technical and conceptual language. Somewhere during her exploration of art and history, a particular curiosity about religion emerged. Much of her current artwork, research, and writing analyzes and critiques religion and other pseudo-sciences.

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