Remember Me Offline

Curated by Kayla Fanelli and Marie Vigneau


October 8 - October 22, 2015
CP Projects Space, 132 W 21st St, 10th Fl, New York, NY 10011

Remember Me Offline, curated by Kayla Fanelli and Marie Vigneau, is a collaborative project that features the work of six artists, Kaja ‘Cxzy’ Andersen, Casey Jane Ellison, Amalia Ulman, Melanie Reese, Sarah Lucille Johansen, and Camille Lee. These artists are brought together to explore the phenomenological challenge of combining the virtual with the physical. As the title provokes, the exhibition investigates the ubiquitous challenge of maintaining a singular identity both online and in the real world.


Since the advent of the Internet, artists have been seduced by the information highway as a networking tool and as a medium, both through its performativity and mutable quality. The challenge of completely defining Internet art and its boundaries has persisted, and after years of trying to thoroughly define a movement, it seems we have simply given up and moved on to so-called Post-Internet Art. Does it matter if it’s about the Internet rather than of the Internet?


This exhibition will focus on the unique experience that women have in the digital age. Online, a mask falls off and another can be put on, leading many to act without immediate consequences. This condition enables both positive and negative behavior. While some exaggerate their persona in a more outgoing way than normally possible, others allow it to amplify aggressive impulses and become predatory. Too often, the receiving end of this predatory behavior falls on women. 


Remember Me Offline investigates the different ways cultural producers are using various new media, such as chat rooms, pornography, online dating platforms, social networking, and online gaming to advocate for their identity as women and as artists.

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