Article by faculty member Joshua Dector entitled "Biennial Burnout" featured in November issue of ArtReview

November 30, 2016

We live in times of political degradation; every day, we mourn a society that is being vitiated by sullied politicians and corrupted systems. And yet we are society; these conditions are not outside of us, they are our own human frailties writ large. We want our biopower – ie, how we might use our human sovereignty and individual agency as a form of power vis-à-vis state power – to do good, we know that there are better and worse uses of power, and yet we also understand that power is itself a Pandora’s box that can be as compromising as it is emancipating. The question, as always, is how art and its systems figure into this state of affairs, and there are no easy answers, even though certain exhibition press releases – and their occasionally outlandish claims – would have us believe otherwise.


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