David A. Ross, MACP faculty member, to organize one-day provocation entitled "PLEASE DISTURB: R

Resistance is not futile—nor, according to MFA Art Practice, is the use of provocation and disruption to question and counter the realities of life under Trump. For one day only, Friday, February 17, MFA Art Practice will sponsor the multi-disciplinary, multi-faceted exhibition-event PLEASE DISTURB, organized by department chair David A. Ross. Taking over a suite at the Midtown Hilton, the intervention is part-art show, part-performance and broadcast event, all aimed at asserting the role artists must play in denying the new political situation as the new normal. The bulk of the afternoon will be devoted to a series of conversations between Ross and an impressive lineup of art world denizens, hosted as a talk show. The discussions, as well as the evening reception to follow, will be broadcast via Facebook Live (facebook.com/svaartpractice), a move to democratize the event’s distribution and reception.

Read the full article on the SVA Features blog.

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