Interview with Lux Yuting Bai, MACP fellow, featured on SinoVision English Channel

March 13, 2017

Inspired by modern architecture philosophy and aesthetics, Chinese artist Huiqi He's solo show "Whereto" re-imagines Chinese ink and wash tradition with a contemporary sense of space. Ink embodies the artist’s creative energy and flows on the paper in an abstract way. Variation in ink density generates spatial effects like a labyrinth.Chinese characteristics and symbols are present throughout, trapped within the confines of larger ink brush strokes. Numerous scrolls covered in expressive brushwork hung from the ceilings, dangling all the way to the ground, creating an intimate experience with the ink imagery.To further distort spatial reality, videos are screened on wallpaper, featuring imagery such as Fish swimming in ponds, or bamboo swaying in the breeze, the projected scenes are assembled into a classical Chinese garden, exuding tranquility and a poetic atmosphere.


Watch the interview on SinoVision English Channel.

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