Exhibition at the Bronx Museum of the Arts curated by MACP faculty Sofía Hernández Chong Cuy featured in Riverdale Press

April 24, 2017

‘Love Thy Neighbor’ exhibition tackles cohabitating cultures, safe spaces
By Tiffany Moustakas 


A few months ago, Sofía Hernández Chong Cuy watched students visiting the Bronx Museum of the Arts study a large drawing of a border fence.


The fence was part of a new exhibition at the museum Cuy is curating. But what surprised her was the students wondering aloud if the fence was separating the Bronx with Manhattan. It was then Cuy realized a large-scale exhibition can draw out local social issues she never even considered before.


“To notice that these children (were) speaking about the divisions that they’ve experienced or feel that exists between one borough and the other, to me, was actually quite an impact,” she said. “How can other works of art that they will come to experience be able to allow them to think beyond that imaginary border that they feel exists?”...


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