David Frankel, MACP faculty member, writes on Laurie Simmons's new film "My Art"

Stealing the Scene by David Frankel

WHEN LAURIE SIMMONS’S new film My Art was screened at the Whitney Museum last fall, the artist-and-now-movie-director accompanied it with a talk in which she remarked on how few films had gotten the business of being an artist right. Indeed, so many films that have gotten it wrong come to mind—we probably all have our own cheesy favorites—that the prospect of a movie on artmaking by a feminist artist of Simmons’s standing, and one that she not only directed but wrote and stars in, seems likely to draw murmurs of “At last.” Certainly when the film finds a distributor—it plays at the Tribeca Film Festival April 22 and subsequently—New York art audiences will find much to reward them in it, I think, but they will also I think be surprised: This is not the revealing look behind the scenes one might have imagined, but a kind of romance...

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