Ars Citizen, an independent art-commissioning and curatorial platform, is introduced after two years of intense development, co-run by faculty-at-large, Hou Hanru

July 6, 2017

"Introducing Ars Citizen"

by e-flux


"After two years of intense development, we are thrilled to introduce Ars Citizen.


Ars Citizen is an independent art-commissioning and curatorial platform committed to advancing the production and diffusion of contemporary art and ideas. Founded in San Francisco, a center of global influence today, Ars Citizen brings the excellence of major international artists to leaders of cultural, educational, technological and social innovation. Through collaborative partnerships, it aims to commission, produce and promote major artworks while generating relevantly conceived programming including exhibitions, lectures, debates, publications, archives, etc.


Ars Citizen values long-term commitment, networking synergy and international dialogue, and seeks to resonate with the contemporary world, its complexity and pressing challenges..."


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