MACP faculty member Daniel Kunitz profiles artist Ashley Bickerton for Artsy

October 20, 2017

"After a Quarter Century in Bali, Ashley Bickerton Shows New York He’s as Irreverent as Ever"


Artsy Editorial by Daniel Kunitz


Nearly three weeks before we met up, Ashley Bickerton arrived in New York a self-described “meditating, deep-breathing, raw-vegan yogi,” but, he says, “little by little things fall off, it all starts to unravel, and the next thing you know you’re pouring yourself some cheap, screw-top wine and picking up pastrami sandwiches from a deli on the fly. New York has a way.” Bickerton, who embraces change, even when it’s not in his best interest, says this without regret—it’s merely an observation about the city he lived in for 12 years before decamping, in 1993, for Bali, a location more conducive to surfing...


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