MACP Alumni Becky Nahom and Sanna Almajedi curate "Publishing Against the Grain" at Zeitz MOCCA in Cape Town, South Africa

December 1, 2017

Publishing Against the Grain

Organised and produced by Independent Curators International (ICI), New York, and initiated by ICI’s Alaina Claire Feldman, Becky Nahom and Sanna Almajedi. 


November 18 - January 29, 2018


Zeitz Museum of Contemporary Art Africa
V&A Waterfront, Silo District
S Arm Road
Waterfront, Cape Town
8001, South Africa


Publishing Against the Grain begins with the question: What is the role of critical cultural production and discourse in the contemporary landscape? In the context of today’s corporatisation and commodification of cultural institutions, and in many political situations where free speech becomes ever more precarious, independent publishing has shown extraordinary vitality and importance as a platform for disseminating alternative, progressive and autonomous positions...


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