China Academy of Art and National Institute of Art/Education invite MACP Chair Steven Henry Madoff t

Panel 21: Art / Education in the 21st Century Symposium March 26–27, 2018

National Art Museum of China 1 Wusi Dajie East District Beijing China

Since the National Academy of Art was established in 1928, the predecessor of the China Art Academy (CAA), this academy has witnessed a multitude of transformation in its navigation. For the past ninety years, the academy has focused on the preservation of its great tradition, whilst opening itself to a new era through art movements. Upholding and unfolding its advocation of “multimodal-interactivity” and “harmony in diversity”; it has consistently led the pioneering journey of Chinese Art as a whole with its relentless spirit of exploration and perseverance. Meanwhile, as a core site it emphasizes and promotes the need for the sustainable development of art education, the bringing forth the Academy’s experimental spirit, and the epochal manifesto devoted to art pedagogy in a time of constant and rapid transformations.

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