MACP faculty Daniel Kunitz writes on why meditation might make you a better artist for Artsy

"Why Meditating Might Make You a Better Artist" By Daniel Kunitz

People with jobs that require creativity—or as the artist Miya Ando puts it, require you to “start from blank canvases or nothingness”—face a particular set of anxieties and problems. You might be beset by horror vacui, the fear of emptiness. And even once you’ve started on a piece or a project, problems still loom. Myriad questions arise, like how to proceed? What mark to make next? From there, the potential worries just pile on: Are you good enough? Will you be able to finish what you’re working on? How does your partner feel about you? How will you pay the rent? What made the cat throw up last night?

The go-to method for dealing with such issues used to be getting gloriously drunk, smoking opium, or indulging in some similarly romantic cliché of artistic escape. Today, in our more practical and health-conscious age, meditation is increasingly becoming a preferred tool for dealing with stress and tapping the wellsprings of creativity.

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