Art & Education features the MA Curatorial Practice program and a conversation with Chair Steven

"Learning through Doing: A Conversation with Steven Henry Madoff, Chair of SVA's Masters in Curatorial Practice"

By Owen Duffy for Art & Education

Following the path of their European cousins, institutions of higher learning in the United States have caught the curatorial wave. While art history programs at New York’s universities have produced generations of esteemed curators, until recently, the disputed center of the American art world lacked a dedicated program in the ever-expanding field of curatorial practice. Enter Steven Henry Madoff, an art critic and curator with forty years of experience and a spry intellect, and the School of Visual Arts. In five short years as chair, Madoff has carefully stewarded the Master of Arts in Curatorial Practice program into existence—and prominence. In the following conversation, Madoff shares his insights into what it is that curators do exactly, the importance of a good kitchen to pedagogy, and why curating is another kind of making.

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