The New York Times mentions "Sexual Fragments Absent," the 2017 exhibition curated by MACP alumnus Ikechukwu Casmir Onyewuenyi, in a feature on the artist Doreen Garner

June 4, 2018

Artist Doreen Garner Uses Tattoos to Explore Black Bodies"

By Lovia Gyarkye


Doreen Garner

Age: 31

Hometown: Philadelphia

Now Lives: In a two-bedroom apartment in the Sunset Park neighborhood of Brooklyn, with her fiancé and their cat.

Claim to Fame: Ms. Garner is an artist whose work interrogates society’s relationship to black bodies. Last April, she participated in “Sexual Fragments Absent,” a group art show on black female sexuality at Paddles, a BDSM club in Chelsea. In her piece, “The Observatory,” she explored black spectatorship by instructing a performer in a glass box to maintain eye contact with audience members. “I was thinking about the action between you and a performer at a concert,” Ms. Garner said. Though viewers initially want attention, “when that performer continues to look at you and doesn’t stop, you start to feel kind of isolated,” she said. “And then it becomes uncomfortable.”


Read the article here.

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