Apexart announces "Absences," the upcoming exhibition to open in Nagoya, Japan curated by

Absences Curated by Jasa McKenzie

July 1 - July 22, 2018, Thursdays - Sundays, 1 - 7 pm

N-Mark 4 Chome-38 Nagatoicho, Nakamura-ku, Nagoya, Aichi Prefecture 453-0803, Japan

Opening Reception: Saturday, June 30, 6-8 pm

Featuring work by: Chen An An Maura Terese Atsushi Watanabe An Open Call exhibition.

Absences explores the concept of absence and its relationship to various experiences of mental illness, directly and indirectly. The exhibition features works by artists Atsushi Watanabe, Chen An An, and Maura Terese. The artists portray a sense of distance or isolation from something, somewhere, or someone—an absence that is either physical, mental, or emotional. Whether drawing from first-hand experiences of mental illness, providing support to an afflicted loved one, or observing mental illness in society at large, the artists all convey a feeling of absence in their works. Mental illness often feels isolating, with the afflicted person often withdrawing into themselves. Similarly, those close to someone experiencing mental illness may feel a disconnection from the afflicted, literally—when the afflicted removes themself from social situations—or mentally, when the afflicted person becomes distant emotionally, or departs to a different mental state. The impact of mental illness in greater society is evident from the staggering absence of those who lose their battle with mental afflictions every year. Art's intersection with and exploration of mental illness lends further depth to this portrayal of absence.

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