MACP alumna Lux Yuting Bai curates the work of artist Huiqi He in an exhibition at Sleep Center

July 16, 2018

The Mysterious Island

Artist: Huiqi He
Curator: Lux Yuting Bai
Date: July 20-26, 2018 (view by appointment:
Opening: July 20, 5:30-8:30pm
Location: Sleepcenter, Basement, 9 Monroe St, New York, NY 10002

The Mysterious Island features artist Huiqi He’s new video artworks that investigate the disciplinary power of space on the docile human body. A home where the subject-object relation complicates, a set of urban architecture designed to manipulate collective behavior, a digital “space of flows” that imposes optimal paths of navigation—each space, whether private, public, or virtual, is a machinery that explores and rearranges the body that enters it. As modern technology continues to intensify the alienation among human beings, the process of navigating new systems of order in everyday life is like a series of survival game on a strange island. Should one strive to reclaim the sovereignty of one’s body in such treacherous spaces? 


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