MACP alumni and current fellows Noelia Lecue Francia, María Alejandra Saenz, Andrea Valencia, and Na

Performance as Repair Gina Goico and Iván Sikic Organized by Se habla español

Saturday, October 13, 2018 3 to 5:30pm The 8th Floor 17 West 17th St, New York RSVP Here Se habla español and The 8th Floor are pleased to invite you to Performance as Repair. This event will explore the practices of two Latin American artists – Gina Goico and Iván Sikic. The program will feature a live performance, screening, and talk with the artists to initiate a conversation examining the role of language in our society, how words can be used to combat the imposition of power and play an essential part in activism, denouncement, inclusion, and policy making. Gina Goico is an interdisciplinary artist, educator, and activist. Her work focuses on identity and womanhood in the Dominican Republic and its diasporas, the self, community, and healing. She has worked alongside grassroots organizations in the Dominican Republic for social justice and political accountability. Goico is a Bronx-based artist.

Iván Sikic is a conceptual artist who explores social and political structures and conflicts through durational performance, public activations, installation, and photography. He has presented work and attended residencies in the USA, Latin America, Australia, and Europe. He currently lives and works in Brooklyn.

Paul Cannon is a San Diego Native belonging to the Kumeyaay-Ipai people residing on the San Pasqual Reservation. Cannon is an honored Native American songwriter/performer who is recognized for being a healer for the indigenous peoples. Paul collaborates with Iván Sikic in various projects.

Se habla español is a curatorial collective established in NYC comprised of Noelia Lecue, María Alejandra Sáenz, Andrea Valencia, and Natalia Viera, from Spain, Colombia, Mexico, and Puerto Rico respectively. As Spanish speakers and curators, the collective works on artistic and social projects that expand the limits of language, addressing migration, identity, human rights, and memory.