MACP fellow Kate Benedict curates a new exhibition at Bunker 2 Contemporary Art Container, Toronto,

Dude, where’s my phallus?

Curated by Kate Benedict

Artists: Jazmine VK Carr, Jennifer Chan, and Xuan Ye

Show Opens: Friday, October 5th, 7-9pm

Bunker 2 Contemporary Art Container

346 Campbell Avenue Toronto, ON M6P 3V9

Carving out a space for alternative modes of representation, Dude, where’s my phallus? negotiates new understandings of perception, alienation, and presence, highlighting the power dynamics at play in online and physical spaces. Pulling in multiple directions, Jazmine V K Carr, Jennifer Chan, and Xuan Ye take a wide angle view of post-truth and zero sum ideology that profoundly impacts our society, emphasizing cultural colonialism and appropriation, while also addressing isolation and hybridity. In confronting these themes, the works in this exhibition meditate on collective trauma in many forms, and engage in a call to action. This exhibition will examine relational concepts of the Self and Other within the context of virtual and corporeal spaces through idiosyncratic and self-referential means. Whether making art as a form of activism, criticism, instruction or inspiration, Carr, Chan and Ye see their work as essential to challenging established thought and realizing a more equitable culture. Dude, where’s my phallus? will create new ways of imagining society and citizenship—rooted in the belief that artists play a profound role in transforming their time and shaping their future. The diverse works use ideas of resistance and refusal to reject inherited policies, politics and social norms. For the artists, the very act of making is an act of disobedience. The exhibition weaves together complex threads of identity formation and presence, through which alternative frameworks of thought and meaning can be explored. An opening night performance by Xuan Ye will occur around 8:00pm.