Critical Inquiry Publishes SVA MA Curatorial Practice Chair, Steven Henry Madoff's Review of &qu

"A tone of mournfulness for the state of contemporary personhood pervades Kris Cohen’s compelling study, Never Alone, Except for Now: Art, Networks, Populations (2017). Any notion of individual agency is complicated today by the regimes of digital management that shape our lives, and a literature of analysis and speculation is now taking coherent shape that attempts to frame what is happening to each and all of us—what self now means, what choice and decision are, what it is to speak to one another in the din of the crowd. To be private, to be public, to be a part of a plurality of publics, to move among shifting shapes of populations––these questions in the age of what Cohen calls networked life are rooted in the very old question: How can we live together to underwrite our happiness and care?"

Exerpt: "Steven Henry Madoff reviews Never Alone, Except for Now," published in Critical Inquiry, April 11, 2019

Kris Cohen. Never Alone, Except for Now: Art, Networks, Populations. Durham: Duke University Press, 2017. 196 pp.

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