Alumna Andrea Valencia Curates "In-Between" with the Finnish Artist Anna Nykiri

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Anna Nykyri releases her new short film In-Between

The short film captures the essence of emptiness during the pandemic in Helsinki, Mexico City and New York

In-Between, 2020 is a short film by the Finnish visual artist, choreographer, and film director Anna Nykyri, in which she collaborated with the photographers Aukusti Heinone, Juan Pablo de la Vega and Griselda San Martin in different cities around the world - Helsinki, Mexico City, and New York, respectively - to capture its citiscapes during the pandemic and their relationship with the transient bodies that avoid contact with each other. The documentary film, which will bereleased on different online platforms on Saturday, June 27, 2020, is conceived as a montage that compiles photography and moving image. The work was a commission by the Finnish Cultural and Academic Institutes through the open call Together Alonethat seeked artistic proposals related to the state of emergency, radical change, resilience, and artistic practice in the future.

Confinement brought with it new ways in which society at large is having to deal with the built structures of the world. Public space silenced during the pandemic, and, with it, we restricted touch and movement. The film’s intention is to grasp the results of social distancing in the three cities that are connected by the shared experience of the pandemic. Andrea Valencia, curator of the project, noted that “by capturing details and fragments of the spaces and the moving bodies,In-Between suggests that, while movement and touch are being restricted, we are living an emotional collective experience. In isolation, we share grief for a world that cannot be the same anymore.”

In-Between emphasizes that our collective grief unites us, brings us closer, and reduces distances between each other.

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