What Are You Trying to Say?

Curated by Vera Petukhova

March 18–April 1, 2016

CP Projects Space
132 W 21st St, Fl 10th, New York, NY 10011

Artists: Anthony Fader, Leena Joshi, Eri King, Zara Pfeifer, John Rohrer, Anastasia Samoylova, MichelleSumaray, Beau Torres, C. Spencer Yeh

it is about language
it is about image
it is about circulation


It is about the relationship of intake and output


it is the intersecting vectors of image and language production


it is a staged conversation where the works talk to each other and find their unsuspecting mutual friends 


it is about the thing you think about before creating a new work
it is about the thing that mysteriously settles into your brain
the things you cannot unsee or 


the majestic landscape on a desktop background 


the utopian interior that you saw on Tumblr
it sits in your mind 
but it exists. It is an indoor gymnasium from a 1970s social housing project in Vienna, Austria

it is Robin Williams expression captured in a moment of the film you have watched countless times
it inspired you to write a tweet, or is it a poem?

it is neither high brow or tabloid
just the golden waterfall of information, images, words… 

it is about the invisible seeds of information that circulate and plant themselves in our minds 
and the result, it is right here, begging the question, what are you trying to say?


(( an exhibition of work that focuses on image and language production, and comments on mass consumer culture and channels of information. Using the idea of a “hive mind,” the exhibition paradoxically bands together collective and individual knowledge, highlighting the artists’ unique modes of production and creative output.))


Photo: Eri King, 2016