At this extraordinary time, when the possibilities of gathering are beyond the reasonable prospect of opening physical exhibitions, our students have taken on the new skills of creating virtual exhibitions. Of course, there are always new possibilities that come with new skills, reimagining spaces and offering artists different ways of presenting their works, for example, as the virtual world is one of endless galleries in which to unfold a narrative. Yet there is something uncannily premonitory in these exhibitions originally planned in what now seems another lifetime. The subjects of floating labor forces, uprooted intimacy, eroding climates and decay, of digitally overwhelmed communication and what it means to be Other… these were the themes of our exhibitions long before the cataclysm of the virus. Now, as virtual shows, they seem to echo in suddenly more piercing ways, both poignant and provocative. Urgency and speculation are the parents of invention today, and we welcome you to enter these exhibitions in this year of tumult, where each of us must find a way to hold tight against the uneven bending of the world.

                                                                                                                                                           —Steven Henry Madoff, Chair, MA Curatorial Practice


Curated by Anqi Nee
Normal Bob: Pray for Satan
Curated by Rebecca Marsh
A Ripple in the Data Flow
Curated by Xinchen Du
Glimmering, Decaying
Curated by Claudia Delaplace
Count No Man Happy Until the End Is Known
Curated by Victoria Yaoli Wang
<Ctrl + Shift 1.vv>
Curated by Kate Benedict
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Will You Be There?
Curated by MACP Class of 2021
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